Friday, 14 December 2012

Woolie Makeover

Hello all, it is Sophie here. Sorry for last week and not posting but with Christmas coming up I have been all over the place and my craft room hasn't really seen me. This week is wool or yarn, and to be totally honest when I saw what it was my head just went into shut down. I don't own any wool or yarn myself so this project was made from a old wool cardigan.
I had brought this sewing box from a car boot sale and thought that I could turn it into a craft storage for my bits and bobs I keep losing. First I took old fabric off (being careful not to rip it as it would come in handy again on another project) The I cut the arms of the cardigan and cut two square big enough to cover the insert section. I glued it together and glued the section back onto the box.
On the inside it was plain so I cut some paper from my stash (lost the front page so unknown name), distressed the edges and stuck it to the inside.
Once it was dry, I glued flowers onto the edges and went over with stickles to make it more glittery.
I made sand it down one day and distress the wood but that wont be till 2013.

Thank you for looking at my blog and stay tuned for Kay's turn tomorrow :D

Sophie x


  1. For someone whos brain shut down! you`ve come up with a brilliant idea, how come i can never find things like that sewing box, at car boots! xx

  2. Brilliant sophie,great idea as peeps could use a variety of wools and knit a basic length to cover anything,very tactile too,x

  3. Very clever idea. Well done it looks gorgeous x