Thursday, 13 December 2012

Birdies.....not fish

Its Tanmo again :)
This week I got my sewing kit out and used my yarn to make a little birdie hanging (not fish as my BF thought).
I made my birdies out of felt and stuffed them with the inside of teddy bear! The I strung them on to my yarn.
I have done it in blues, so it matches my new front room, and it will look lovely with Sandras wreath from yesterday :)

Thanks for looking xxx


  1. Oh i like these Tanmo fab idea. (I've got the message) lol x

  2. Birds? Fish? Jean will enjoy playing with either lol x

  3. These are rather cute but me thinks you have cheated

  4. looks great tanja, better hang them up high, or a certain feline will think its her toy! lol xx