Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Quick and Easy Christmas Card!

I have been desperately trying to get on top of my Christmas cards early this year and make use of some of my stash I had forgotten about. So I dug out some sticky ribbons I had collected when I first started crafting and tried to think of a way to use them other than sticking them down the edge of a card.

I decided to use them like wash tape and make a really quick and easy background. I picked a cute 3X3 card blank (I really like little square cards) and stuck different ribbons across the blank. I then used foam pads to mount a Christmas greeting on top at a jaunty angle and voila, a quick and simple Christmas card!!

Tools Needed - Scissors, Card blank, Sticky Ribbon, Foam pads and greeting.

Stick ribbon to card blank.

Cut off excess ribbon from card blank.

Mount greeting onto front of card and Voila!

I hope you can find uses for some of your forgotten stash!! 

Take Care



  1. That is a handy use for those ribbon sheets (might also have some in the stash cause they were nice designs!). I love the little square cards too.
    I've been enjoying all your updates this week.

  2. Thank you Jill, I have been a busy bee and have some projects in reserve and I am resisting the urge to put them all up at once ;0)