Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Quick and Easy Christmas Card (2)

Ok so I wanted to do another quick and easy christmas card using leftover bits in my stash.

I chose a 3X3 card blank again as they are so cute and great for quick cards. Using leftover scraps of christmas paper I found in my bit box, I tore 3 rectangles from different patterned papers. I made each rectangle slightly bigger than the next. When tearing the paper I tore towards me so that there would be a white border around the rectangle as I like this effect.

I then stuck a gold peeloff border (you could use a gold or silver pen for this) making a cross on the rectangles so that it would look like a christmas present. I stuck the biggest rectangle on the bottom of the card, using pinflair to raise it and then stuck the middle sized rectangle and the smallest rectangle flat on top to look like a stack of presents. I topped it off with a bow in some scrap ribbon I had and voila a quick and easy stack of presents!

Tools needed - Scissors, Card Blank, Paper scraps, Ribbon Scrap, Peeloff Borders and Glue Gel.

Tear rectangle, tear towards you to get white edge.

Add peeloff border or gold pen in a cross to look like present.
Add glue gel to largest rectangle to add depth to image.

Stick largest present to bottom of card.
Stick middle sized present on top of large present, using slightly less glue.
Stick smallest present, flat on top of stack.

Tie a bow in ribbon scrap and add glue gel to back.

Stick bow to top of stack of presents.

Voila a quick and easy Stack of Presents!
 I hope you enjoy making quick and easy cards from you left overs!!

Take Care

Beth XXX

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