Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Gorjuss - The Snowman Christmas Card


We have had a big delivery of Gorjuss stamps and decoupage arrive, as the supplier is discontinuing the range. So I thought I would share a Christmas card made using The Snowman set.

I really like the Gorjuss range of stamps and they are great for colouring in with Promarkers. The Snowman doesn't need a lot of colour as he is already white but using cool grey 1 and 2 with fine tips gives a nice almost sketched effect.

I cut a circle from glitter paper to give the effect of a snowglobe and a north pole using my slice and then cut a base freehand. I then stamped snowflakes (big one from the snowman set), using moonlight white brilliance ink onto black card as a background.

I hope you like my Gorjuss Snowman.

Take Care Beth XX

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Promarker Colours - Blond hair


I love my Letraset Promarkers and I think they are amazing pens but they can take some getting used to. I have found that if you just play around with them you can get some really amazing results. I have been experimenting with hair and skin colours to try and find some nice combinations and I thought I would share what I have found so that you can try it at home.

Today I have been doing different shades of blond.

Platinum Blond - Buttercup and Ivory

Pale Blond and Brown - Buttercup, Tan and Ivory

Straw Blond - Tulip Yellow, Buttercup and Ivory

Yellow Blond - Gold, Tulip Yellow and Ivory
Dark Blond - Honeycomb, Gold, Tulip Yellow, Tan and Buttercup

I hope you enjoy experimenting with your colouring and we stock Promarkers in single pens in our shop and I also run a regular Colouring With Promarkers workshop if you struggle to get the best from your pens.

Take Care Beth XX

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Gorjuss Girl - Hang me up to Dry

Good Afternoon!!

Now that the sun is finally shining I wanted to share this cute summery image I have coloured using Promarkers.

This is my favourite Gorjuss Girl stamp and is called Hang me up to Dry.

For her hair I used Cool Grey 4, 3, 2 & 1.

For her skin I used Dusky Pink, Blush and Satin.

For her dress I used Pear Green, Lime Green and Leaf Green.

For her teddy I used Cinnamon and Tan.

For the sky I used Powder Blue and the Blender.

We have a great range of Gorjuss stamps and decoupage in the shop so why not try your hand at making a gorgeous girl!

Take Care Beth XX

Friday, 14 September 2012

Fun with Mica Masks (1)

Good Morning,

Today I wanted to start a series of posts for different ways to use your Mica Masks.  I love Mica Masks and there are so many ways to play with them!

We have some lovely designs in the shop and as I am such a fan of Steampunk I thought I would start with COGS!!

I have also been playing around with Zentangle and I thought the Cogs mask would be perfect as a template for some relaxing tangling.

I did 3 different styles, the first one I filled in every possible space but I thought the cogs got a bit lost. Then I tried just tangling the bits behind the cogs, but that looked a bit bare. SoI did another where I tangled all the cogs with the same pattern with different patterns behind them and decided I liked the first one best, typical!

I hope you get some time to tangle as it is a great way to let your mind wander and wash away any stress!

Take Care Beth XX

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Baby Jumper


Today I wanted to share a cute, little baby jumper I made using Sirdar Snuggly Crofter DK yarn. It is a fabulous yarn to knit with, it is super soft and perfect for babies and it has been spray dyed to give an amazing, mock Fairisle effect when knitted.

I used a pattern and shade of yarn sold in my shop and this is the first garment and pattern I have ever knitted so I am quite pleased with the result.

Why not come and see our range of yarns and patterns and maybe you will be tempted to start knitting!!

Take Care Beth XX

Monday, 10 September 2012

Quick and Easy Christmas Card 3

today I wanted to share another quick and easy christmas card made using a very pretty Kanban bauble stamp set I have available in the shop.

Kanban Bauble Stamp Set

I like to use stamps in slightly different ways and I also like to make stamps for one type of genre look like something different. So I decided to make a image pattern using the long bauble in the set.

Tools Needed - Stamps, Rule, Pencil, Ink, Card Blank, Foam Pads,  Scissors,  Sentiment.

Measure card blank to find centre point and make a small mark with a pencil.

Using Long bauble from stamp set, stamp from centre to corner  in one colour ink, to make windmill pattern.

Change colour of ink and stamp from centre to edge on each side.

Finished stamping should look like coloured star, at this point the image does not have to be Christmas and could be used as a background for any type of card.

Edge card with metallic ink as a highlight.

Stick foam pads to sentiment.

Add sentiment to card and Voila! Quick and easy christmas card.

I hope you have enjoyed this way of using a stamp differently, why not pop in and see the great range of stamps we have available.

Take Care

Beth XX

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Beaded Peacock Necklace

Hello Crafters,

Today I wanted to share a necklace I designed and made for my very good friend Sarah, for her 40th birthday.

She is a big fan of all things peacock and as her party was based around this theme,  I decided to make her a peacock beaded necklace.

I looked for peacock patterns but couldn't find any so I came up with this design specifically for her. The necklace is beaded using Miyuki seed beads from Stamp N Craft, in gorgeous peacock colours.

Hope you like my peacock necklace, Take Care

Beth xxx

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Quick and Easy Christmas Card (2)

Ok so I wanted to do another quick and easy christmas card using leftover bits in my stash.

I chose a 3X3 card blank again as they are so cute and great for quick cards. Using leftover scraps of christmas paper I found in my bit box, I tore 3 rectangles from different patterned papers. I made each rectangle slightly bigger than the next. When tearing the paper I tore towards me so that there would be a white border around the rectangle as I like this effect.

I then stuck a gold peeloff border (you could use a gold or silver pen for this) making a cross on the rectangles so that it would look like a christmas present. I stuck the biggest rectangle on the bottom of the card, using pinflair to raise it and then stuck the middle sized rectangle and the smallest rectangle flat on top to look like a stack of presents. I topped it off with a bow in some scrap ribbon I had and voila a quick and easy stack of presents!

Tools needed - Scissors, Card Blank, Paper scraps, Ribbon Scrap, Peeloff Borders and Glue Gel.

Tear rectangle, tear towards you to get white edge.

Add peeloff border or gold pen in a cross to look like present.
Add glue gel to largest rectangle to add depth to image.

Stick largest present to bottom of card.
Stick middle sized present on top of large present, using slightly less glue.
Stick smallest present, flat on top of stack.

Tie a bow in ribbon scrap and add glue gel to back.

Stick bow to top of stack of presents.

Voila a quick and easy Stack of Presents!
 I hope you enjoy making quick and easy cards from you left overs!!

Take Care

Beth XXX

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Quick and Easy Christmas Card!

I have been desperately trying to get on top of my Christmas cards early this year and make use of some of my stash I had forgotten about. So I dug out some sticky ribbons I had collected when I first started crafting and tried to think of a way to use them other than sticking them down the edge of a card.

I decided to use them like wash tape and make a really quick and easy background. I picked a cute 3X3 card blank (I really like little square cards) and stuck different ribbons across the blank. I then used foam pads to mount a Christmas greeting on top at a jaunty angle and voila, a quick and simple Christmas card!!

Tools Needed - Scissors, Card blank, Sticky Ribbon, Foam pads and greeting.

Stick ribbon to card blank.

Cut off excess ribbon from card blank.

Mount greeting onto front of card and Voila!

I hope you can find uses for some of your forgotten stash!! 

Take Care


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Candle Workshop

We have had a great day today. The lovely Michelle ran a fantastic workshop today for candle decorating and everyone had a great time!! 
I would like to say a big thank you to Michelle for the wonderful job she did and I would also like to thank Vicki and Tracey for helping with the drinks!! 
The workshop was a great success and we are looking forward to the next one in October.

Here are some of the amazing candles that were made today!

Beth XXX